Benanza Usage

# benanza -h
  benanza [command]

Available Commands:
  benchgen       Generates the benchmark files for layers
  benchinfo      Prints out the benchmark information
  flopsinfo      Get flops information about the model
  help           Help about any command
  layerstats     Generates layer statistics for the model
  list           list models registered
  modelurls      Prints the model urls
  paths          list model paths registered
  pattern        Finds pattern chains within models
  subgraph       Finds subgraphs within a model
  todot          Converts graph to dot format
  weightsinfo    Get weights information about the model
  year_info      Generates information on number of layers and number of unique layers for a year

  -b, --batch_size int       batch size (default 1)
  -f, --format string        print format to use (default "automatic")
      --full                 print all information about the layers
  -h, --help                 help for dlperf
      --human                print flops in human form
  -d, --model_dir string     model directory
  -p, --model_path string    path to the model prototxt file
      --no_header            show header labels for output
  -o, --output_file string   output file name

Use "benanza [command] --help" for more information about a command.